Mastykom Private Course Center About Us - Kursus dan Pelatihan Private Spesialis Siap Kerja


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Mastykom Private Course Center is established since March 27, 2006 who has successfully graduated hundreds of students and has worked successfully in a variety of medium and large companies leading and has spawned many new entrepreneurs.
Mastykom as Private Course Center participated assist the Government's program for the intellectual life of the Nation by providing each citizen of Indonesia as a whole Special Scientific to be the Capital to looking for a job and become an entrepreneur. Thus it would push the unemployment rate in Indonesia, so it automatically Poverty levels would be reduced.
Because only in Mastykom that promise you to be Expert in the field, all of which be able to compete on the job seekers field who will shape yourself into the person that is needed by many people in a relatively short time.

Vision and Mission of Mastykom are as follows:
Our Vision :
To create students as a money maker machine that has a good quality in commitment and the high-level in analysts, so it is necessary to promote any business / enterprise. 

Our Mission :
1. Creating Atmosphere Full Sense of Kinship As Course In Your Own Home, as well as Compulsory to mastery of specialisation material in each fields
2.  How to analyze the application and presentation
3.  Application of self-competence
4.  Implementation of Commitments
5.  Application of due diligence materials
6.  Application of due diligence analysis
7.  Application of a due diligence presentation

8.  Creates the ability to make a good and right the application letter (for those who have not worked)
9.  Creates the ability to right answer at the time of interview
10. Create the ability to manage the business (for those who plan to open a business)
11. Created the ability for a person who relied on by employers / companies (for those already working)

With the implementation of the vision and mission, therefore:


Do you want to know the answer ....???

Here it is the details of the vision and mission that can achieve your goals...>>>

1. The equipments is very complete and have detailed material that deliberately prepared a special design
    for Working Capital and Business.

2. The Instructor is Patient, friendly, loving and joyful when asked the question repeatedly by students,

    and the main thing is the instructor is EXPERT in the computer field and EXPERTS in the field of Teaching

    Techniques. Remember..!!! an expert computer is not necessarily expert in teaching

3. In the practice will be created deliberately of obstacles or problems without being noticed by the students and will be guided how to solve the problem, the goal is to someday these students truly master the problems and solutions that are common at the time of carrying out real work.

4. In The Worldwide, only Mastykom is PLUS PLUS, which is means: If a student is not working, will be  taught how to make a good cover letter, how to behave and respond when interviewed and how to be reliable by the employer when it is accepted work, so it can quickly be entrusted to occupy Level Management. If these students aspire to become an entrepreneur, will be taught how committed and competent in carrying the wheels of business, that is how to acheive maximum Sales of Goods and Services. All science that very important will be provided Free Of Charge and will be guided by MASTER OF MANAGEMENT and also an entrepreneur.

Mastykom's Course is different of courses in other places, because it is not easy to passed from Mastykom like that you imagine ... Because here you are not taught the speculate science, but rather surely of science...  

So we suggest : "DON'T COURSE IN HERE" If you do not have serious interest in learning and there is no willingness to progress and achievement ...!

Mastykom realize that the students of course came from of different educational backgrounds, who lack knowledge in computers and has a different perception, therefore Mastykom will prove that all students of course be guided with patience until the students will be Experts in the field of their courses, we guaranteed.

Because each student is required to master the course material in detail, so if there are students who still do not understand we will not be passed but will be guided again with patience until the students actually master, because in Mastykom is not only just a course alone but  will also form students in order to create a new figure graduated of Mastykom whose ability equivalent one-year Professional work experience in the same plane. We guarantee...

Mastykom will not peddle copies of Proof of Completion to anyone,  when it has not mastered the material will not be allowed to have a Proof of Passing, let alone who bought without a course ... Of COURSE NOT

That is why many companies that have employs students from mastykom, recognizes that students who pass from Mastykom is a figure that have Quality and Capability to work in a professional, so it can be relied upon to participate and to created the goals of every company is MAXIMUM PROFIT.

100% Proven and Proving that, students who graduated from  Mastykom, they were Experts in their fields and have conquered a much better fate.

So ... if you looking for a course, do not half-hearted .... SHOULD A PRIVATE COURSE and THE BEST QUALITY and Make sure the place of the course that guarantees you, not only capable, but until TO EXPERTS and ensure that you get science can really be useful for a lifetime and life,so you WILL NOT DISAPPOINTED at the future and you will not wasting your Energy, your Time, your Mind and your MONEY.

Please assess and consider,,, where is the right place to plant science in order to be grow into a Professional and Quick for Reaping a job and enjoy the sweet fruit...


Prove in Mastykom ...!!!